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Ice cream. Frozen custard. Frozen yogurt. Soft-serve creates great profit magins.  Choose from many consistent, appealing treats produced by Electro Freeze soft-serve machines.

As you’d expect from Circle A Maintenance, we offer equipment choices to meet many different needs. Select from single flavor or flavor twist models in high-capacity or space-saving designs. Whatever model you choose, you can count on superior profits, exceptional durability, and easy maintenance.   Excellent customer service is always included with purchases from Circle A Maintenance.

Electro Freeze SLX400E Louisiana
Electro Freeze 15RMT Louisiana
Electro Freeze SLX500 Louisiana
Electro Freeze 30RMT Louisiana
Electro Freeze CS4 Louisiana
Electro Freeze CS600 Louisiana
Electro Freeze 30T-RMT Louisiana
Electro Freeze 15-78RMT


(225) 654-2997


(225) 658-0662


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