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Electro Freeze Distributor in Louisiana
Soft-Serve Machines


Choose from taste-tantalizing “flavor boost” or single flavor models in high capacity or space-saving designs. The “Sweet Choice” for customers is the profitable choice for you!

Electro Freeze Shake Machines Louisiana
Shake Equipment

Shake up your market with customer-pleasing creations that also deliver margins ranging up to 80 percent! Bet on Electro Freeze to discover industry leading innovations.

Electro Freeze Gelato Louisiana
Hard Pack/Gelato and Ice Cream

Signature flavors of hard-pack ice cream and gelato begin with the flexibility of easy-to-use batch freezers from Electro Freeze – the industry leader in innovative designs. Whatever the language, “Delizioso!” covers your results.

Hot Product of 


The first fully-integrated frozen dessert machine to produce 9 soft serve flavors

Electro Freeze Slush Machine Louisiana
Slush, Smoothie & Frozen Beverages

Since 1960, Electro Freeze has invented the first slush freezer designed to run a neutral base, Electro Freeze has set the standard in the frozen beverage industry. Today, our slush and frozen beverage machines are valued for great construction and quality products that deliver margins of up to 85 percent.


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