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Flavor Systems  --  HDM-75A -- Arctic Swirl Blender


Arctic Swirl® Flavor Blender

Now you can add candy, cookies, fruit, etc. to your soft serve, frozen yogurt, custard and hard ice cream.  You will notice the great margins from day one for this frozen desert. The Arctic Swirl® flavor blender was designed to produce this loveble treat. The heavy duty 115v 3/4 H.P. mixer and patented spindle will mix any flavor combination quickly and leaves no mess.  
Mix in cookies, candies, fruits with your soft-serve ice cream or yogurt with the original flavor blender… The Arctic Swirl®.

Let your customers create new flavors they love.  Offer your customers the delicious flavors and unbelievable candy combinations your competition can’t dream of having.  No candy, sweet, or goodie off limits!  How about cookies and cream soft serve with real cookies blended in. Or just keep it simple with delicious flavors like blueberry, banana, pistachio, or cheesecake. The possibilities are truly endless with the Fuzion32.

Electro Freeze HDM-75A Louisiana
Electro Freeze Soft Serve Louisiana


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